What reason causes the Webbing Color difference

What is the most afraid for dyed webbing? It’s the color difference between the original color what customer’s requirement!

So what is the problems for the color difference?

Bellow are the common problems of color difference:

  1. There is color difference between the webbing sample and the original sample;
  2. The webbing of approved by the customers and the the bulk production goods come out with color difference and so on.

The causes of color difference are as follows:

  • Material and batch number: reflected color light; difference of tissue form, density degree;
  • Differences in dyeing process of webbing: dyeing method,quality of dye material; transverse color difference between the bulk and the confirmed sample strips, longitudinal color difference between each strip, machine and its condition, color difference between the batches, etc;
  • Characteristics of webbing: low temperature dyeing of cotton ribbon, organic cotton ribbon and bamboo fiber ribbon, high temperature dyeing of polyester ribbon and nylon ribbon, the differences in characteristics are also the causes of color difference.
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