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Wholesale Drawstring Elastic Waistband

Wholesale drawstring elastic waistband, band, cord from China manufacturer, supplier; we also offer customized solution for your drawstring elastic cord needs with affordable price as well as low MOQ needed, these drawstring elastic cord are perfect to used as waistband for pants or pajama pants.

Drawstring elastic is finished by a drawstring in the center hollow of elastic band comes with different imaginable colors and designs possible. Drawstring of the elastic band must be good resilience,that’s the most important factor affecting the drawstring elastic band.

We use high stretch dyed nylon thread and speciality weaving technical ensure quality of drawstring approved.

You are welcome to ask a sample for testing before place an order.

Drawstring Elastic Band FAQs

Drawstring elastic is a type of stretchable band used primarily in clothing to provide a snug fit. It combines the properties of elastic and drawstrings, making it adjustable and comfortable, ideal for waistbands, hoods, and cuffs.

Drawstring elastic is commonly used in sportswear, casual wear, children’s clothing, and outdoor garments. It is perfect for any garment that requires adjustable tightness for comfort and fit.

We use high-quality materials to ensure our drawstring elastic is both durable and comfortable. The core is typically made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber like latex, while the outer sheath is often woven from polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. We also offer options with cotton or other specialized materials for specific needs.

AMD Webbing offers a wide variety of sizes and colors to match your project requirements. Diameters commonly range from 2mm to 5mm, but we can accommodate custom sizes as well. We have a large selection of colors, including basic black and white, vibrant neons, and even options with stripes or patterns.

Yes, you can! We offer customization options for the widths and colors of our drawstring elastic to meet your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Yes, our drawstring elastic is designed to withstand regular washing and drying without losing its elasticity or color. We use high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure long-lasting performance.

Delivery times can vary based on order size and customization details. Typically, it takes about 2-4 weeks from order confirmation to delivery. We recommend placing your order well in advance.

Yes, we are happy to provide samples so you can see and feel the quality of our drawstring elastic before placing a bulk order. Contact our sales team to request samples specific to your needs.

We offer various shipping options to cater to your needs and timeline, including air freight, sea freight, and express courier services. We work with reliable shipping partners to ensure your order arrives safely and on time.