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Non Slip Elastic Webbing Band 

Non slip elastic band, webbing, tape, ribbon for wholesale from China manufacturer, supplier with custom design and specification accepted, cheap price and good quality, our customers use these non slip elastic bands in any garment that should avoid slipping. These non slip elastic bands are designed with strong performance and easy to use feature. If you are looking for quality non slip elastic band supplies in China, Amanda textile is a good choice.

There are two type for the non slip elastic bands, rubber weaving non slip elastic band and silicone elastic bands.The rubber elastic is use of its own rubber thread to achieve the function of non-slip,but the shortcomings is simple style.

Silicone applications on narrow elastics is an additional value added service on garments with appearance like dot,wave,letter,logo patterns. The number of silicone style and the width and the pattern of the elastic band can be customized to the customer’s requirement.

Non-Slip Elastic FAQs

Non-slip elastic is a special kind of elastic band with a grippy texture on one or both sides. This texture helps it stay in place on smooth surfaces like fabric or skin, making it perfect for garments, accessories, and more!

It provides a secure hold without needing bulky fasteners, stays comfortable against the skin, and adds stability to clothes and accessories. Imagine no more slipping straps or sagging waistbands!

The base is usually made from polyester or nylon, with the grippy texture added using silicone or rubber. We offer options with different materials and textures to match your needs.

We have a wide variety! Choose from different widths, colors, textures (such as stripes or dots), and single or double-sided grip.

Think about the stretchiness, grip strength, and width you need. Consider the material it will be attached to and the overall look you want to achieve.

Absolutely! We can customize the width, color, texture, and even add your logo to the elastic. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Our non slip elastic bands are ideal for a variety of applications including waistbands, headbands, wristbands, underwear, socks, sports apparel, and medical garments. They provide a stable, non-slip fit to enhance comfort and functionality in these products.

Yes, our non slip elastic bands are designed to withstand regular machine washing, making them easy to care for while maintaining their grip and elasticity over time.

With proper care, it retains its grip for a long time. However, like any material, it may experience slight wear and tear with extended use.

Yes, the materials used are generally safe for skin contact. However, if you have sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to test a small area first.

Yes, our non slip elastic bands are safe for use in children’s clothing. They provide a comfortable, secure fit, making them ideal for garments designed for active children.

Yes, we provide samples to help you choose the perfect elastic for your needs.

With our wide range of products, customization options, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service, AMD Webbing is your one-stop partner for all your non-slip elastic needs!