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Non Slip Elastic Webbing Band 

Non slip elastic band, webbing, tape, ribbon for wholesale from China manufacturer, supplier with custom design and specification accepted, cheap price and good quality, our customers use these non slip elastic bands in any garment that should avoid slipping. These non slip elastic bands are designed with strong performance and easy to use feature. If you are looking for quality non slip elastic band supplies in China, Amanda textile is a good choice.

There are two type for the non slip elastic bands, rubber weaving non slip elastic band and silicone elastic bands.The rubber elastic is use of its own rubber thread to achieve the function of non-slip,but the shortcomings is simple style.

Silicone applications on narrow elastics is an additional value added service on garments with appearance like dot,wave,letter,logo patterns. The number of silicone style and the width and the pattern of the elastic band can be customized to the customer’s requirement.