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High quality woven elastic band, webbing, tape, belt for wholesale from China manufacturer, supplier with high cost efficiency, custom design OEM service available, our woven elastic bands categories include twill elastic webbing, plain elastic webbing, corn stripe elastic webbing, mesh elastic webbing, striped elastic webbing, suede elastic webbing etc; suitable for use in garments, home decoration, bags, underwear and outerwear.

We produce high-end woven elastic bands for some of the best brands in the apparel and medical business. The widths of woven elastic from 1/4’ up to 4-3/4’ with stable color matching as well as Pantone color.

We also offer cutting and sewing service that meet requirements of customer’s.

Woven Elastic Webbing FAQs

Woven elastic webbing ( same as woven elastic band ) is a strong and stretchy material made by weaving elastic yarns together with other fibers like cotton, polyester, or nylon. This type of webbing combines the strength and durability of woven fabric with the flexibility and stretch of elastic, making it perfect for various applications.

Woven elastic webbing has a wide range of uses due to its versatility. It’s commonly found in clothing like waistbands, underwear, sportswear, and swimwear. It’s also used in home furnishings like furniture upholstery, bedding, and curtains. Additionally, it has industrial applications in luggage straps, medical braces, and safety harnesses.

Our woven elastic bands are primarily made from polyester, nylon, and spandex, ensuring high elasticity and strength suitable for various applications.

Our woven elastic webbing is available in a range of widths from 3mm to 100mm to cater to different uses and specifications.

Choosing the right webbing depends on your project’s specific needs. Consider factors like the desired stretch level, strength requirements, width, thickness, and color. Our team at AMD Webbing is happy to help you select the perfect webbing for your application.

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the product specifications but generally starts from 2000 meters. Please contact our sales team with your requirements for a precise MOQ and quotation.

Yes, we offer samples of our woven elastic webbing so you can see and feel the quality before placing a larger order. Reach out to us with your sample request and we’ll gladly assist you.

Lead times depend on the size and complexity of your order and our current production schedule. We strive to fulfill orders promptly while maintaining our high-quality standards. Contact us for a more accurate estimate based on your specific order.

Yes, we offer custom printing on woven elastic webbing. You can add your logo, brand name, or any desired design to personalize the webbing for your application.

Care instructions depend on the specific materials used in the webbing. Generally, woven elastic webbing can be machine-washed in cold water and air-dried. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, and follow any specific care instructions provided with your webbing.

We have strict quality control procedures in place throughout our manufacturing process. We use high-quality materials and advanced equipment to produce durable and reliable webbing. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards.

Our products are certified under international standards such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring they are safe and free from harmful substances.

We accept various payment methods including T/T, West Union, and PayPal to suit our clients’ preferences. Our sales team can provide you with detailed information and assist you with the payment process.

We welcome visits to our factory by appointment. This allows you to see firsthand our commitment to quality and learn more about our manufacturing capabilities. Please contact us in advance to schedule a visit.