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Amanda Textile Co.,Ltd has been providing low-cost,high -quality webbing over ten years. In the short time,we growing fast and expand our capacity.

The production facility of us is requipped with Muller brand new high technology weaving,computer jacquard weaving,warping,finishing machines to successfully deliver top quality products for textile market in the world.

With its high production experience,qualified team,customer satisfaction and rapid production,our company becomes the top 10 manufactureramd exports more than 30 countries.


The Goal of Amanda Textile Manufacturing Company is the long-term sustainability of the company. To that end, the following is adopted as the Mission of the company:

  • To be the leader in the manufacture of high-quality webbing products by providing value and innovation to our customers while delivering extraordinary levels of service,whether it is strength, performance, fire resistance, softness or fancy and delicate trims, we can encompass the wants and needs you have for your custom application.
  • To provide a work environment that is safe, promotes teamwork, encourages personal development and recognizes accomplishment.
  • Pay attention to the development of employees, so that every employee can get personal career development.



warping for spandex yarn

With our latest technology warping machines for yarn faoult detection we have capacity to supply our weaving machines for the production off all elastic and nonelastic tapes.


webbing workshop of amanda textile

More than 100 modern fast weaving machines are available to provide us the capacity to produce webbings and elastic webbing for woven and knitted,widths from 5mm to 300mm at different designs.


Finished products are packed according to our customer’s preferences winding into rolls,winding into plastic / paper beams or filling into box methods are used into the packing process.

Amanda Textile Co. Factory Appearance

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