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Professional Jacquard Elastic Manufacturer

Custom design jacquard elastic band, waistband, tape manufacturer and supplier in China, we supply both knitted and woven jacquard elastic band with various material such as nylon, cotton, spandex or Lycra at cheap price, for different application such garment, handbag, shoes, sports, medical usage etc.

The custom design jacquard elastic band has become a valued popular waist band of men’s underwear, sportswear, athletic wear, yoga with all imaginable colors and designs possible.Amanda webbing can meet the exact requirements of the customer,whilst provide more value than the requirements.

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Jacquard Elastic FAQs

Jacquard elastic is a special type of elastic webbing with intricate woven patterns and designs. It’s not only stylish but also functional, offering excellent stretch and recovery. You’ll find it used in clothing (waistbands, lingerie, sportswear), accessories (headbands, straps), and home décor (curtains, furniture).

AMD Webbing offers various jacquard elastic with different fiber compositions (polyester, nylon, cotton), widths, thicknesses, and an endless array of colors and patterns. Some even incorporate metallic threads or unique textures for added flair. Whatever your project, we have a jacquard elastic that suits your needs.

Style & Versatility: The woven patterns add a touch of elegance and customization to your projects.
Durability & Strength: Jacquard elastic is known for its long-lasting performance and ability to hold its shape.
Comfort & Fit: The elasticity provides a comfortable and secure fit, making it ideal for clothing and accessories.

Measure the area where the elastic will be used and add a few inches for overlap and seam allowances. Consider the desired level of stretch and the fabric’s weight when choosing the appropriate width and length, ensuring a perfect fit and professional finish.

Use sharp scissors for clean cuts.
Handle with care to avoid snagging the woven design.
A walking foot on your sewing machine can help ensure even stitching.

The possibilities are endless! Create unique headbands, hair ties, belts, bag straps, or embellish clothing and home décor items. Let your imagination run wild!

The process starts with selecting the right yarns, arranging them on a warping machine, weaving them into patterns, dyeing, and finishing treatments to enhance texture and appearance, and finally cutting and sewing into final products.

Research online, look for manufacturers with a strong online presence and positive reviews. Check their manufacturing capabilities, quality control procedures, and request samples before placing a bulk order. AMD Webbing, with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, is an excellent choice!

Computer-aided design software creates the patterns, which are then programmed into computerized jacquard looms for precise weaving, allowing for intricate and durable patterns that enhance both product value and brand image.

Three-dimensional and intricate patterns
Smooth texture and comfortable feel
Strong and durable
High colorfastness
Available in single-sided and double-sided designs

AMD Webbing provides a wide range of sizes and colors in jacquard elastic to meet all your design needs. Whether you need subtle tones or vibrant colors, we have the options to suit your projects.

The minimum order quantity may vary depending on the complexity of the design and other factors. Contact our sales team for specific details about minimum order quantities.

Common materials include polyester, nylon, cotton, and elastic yarns. We can advise on the best materials for your specific application.

Yes, AMD Webbing offers international shipping. We can deliver your jacquard elastic order to almost any destination worldwide.

The lead time for custom orders can vary based on the complexity of the design and quantity. Please consult with our sales team for accurate delivery timelines.

Care instructions may vary depending on the material composition. Generally, hand washing or gentle machine wash in cool water is recommended. Avoid high heat and harsh chemicals.

Yes, AMD Webbing is happy to provide samples for your to checking quality before placing bulk order.