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Project Description

A good underwear must have be combinded good material and sewn process. The part of the material is the most important component, and the elastic waistband is the most important part of the material. Therefor, an one-of-a-kind customized jacquard elastic waistband is especially important for underwear and lingerie.

The special of this jacquard elastic band is that the logo is completely customized as requirement, moreover, it has very high density, that’s why this jacquard elastic band is thicker than the commom jacquard elastic band, because of its high density and excellent polyamide and spandex, which brings the elastic waistband a good stretch, it can withstand multiple washing without deformation.

High-quality elastic, it turns out, is crucial when it comes to underwear.

Did you tempted? Please contact us for sample and price, and get your own custom logo jacquard elastic band!

Stretch custom jacquard elastic band for underwear waistband

Description :

Product type: Soft Jacquard Elastic 
Technics: Woven, jacquard, embroided
Elasticity: 150%-200%
Dimensions: 38mm
Composition: 70% Nylon + 30% Spandex

Can be used on:

  • Pants,underwear
  • Bra,leggings
  • Shirts
  • Dresses
  • Brief
  • Boxer
  • Throws and everything in between
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