How to control the quality of computer jacquard elastic band?

Woven elastic band is widely used in garment, sportswear, underwear, computer jacquard elastic belt and other industries, with a large amount and a wide range, and it is an indispensable auxiliary material for many garment industries.

With the rapid development of clothing industry, if want to create a top brand to meet the growing demand of consumers for comfort & beauty clothing,the quality requirements for computer jacquard elastic band are more and more strict. Customers’ requirements for woven computer jacquard elastic band are generally: flat, straight, elastic, washable, flawless, etc. It’s not difficult to achieve these requirements for small production, but it is difficult in large production.

From the aspects of raw materials, equipment, technology and environment, this article discusses the methods to control the quality of finished products of computer-aided jacquard elastic band. For some technological requirements, such as tension control, the traditional experience method of hand evaluation and visual inspection in the past has been changed to a simple and convenient test method, which can be quantified.


Let’s simply explained the quality control method of woven elastic band :

  • 1) Raw material purchase: try to use polyester fiber with large F number and latex fiber with large proportion.
  • 2) The time and position of the equipment must be adjusted accurately.
  • 3) The tension is properly controlled, the elastic material is as tight as possible, and the warp yarn is as loose as possible. The tension of elastic material is about 588cn / 4, and the tension of warp is about 245cn / 6.
  • 4) Try to control the temperature and humidity between 15-30 ℃, and the relative humidity between 60-80%.

Therefore, an effective and feasible method is explored for small-scale enterprises to improve the appearance quality of woven computer jacquard elastic band.

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