What is and how to choose the best elastic band for swimwear ?

//What is and how to choose the best elastic band for swimwear ?

What is and how to choose the best elastic band for swimwear ?

Swimwear should be comfortable, functional, and long-lasting, and choosing the right elastic band is crucial in achieving all these qualities. Elastic bands keep the swimwear in place, providing a snug fit for different body sizes and shapes. As such, selecting the right elastic band significantly affects the comfort and longevity of swimwear. There are different types of elastic bands in the market, including rubber elastic, braided elastic, and swimwear elastic. This article is aimed at helping you find the best elastic band for your swimwear by discussing the different types of elastic, their properties, and their suitability.

Rubber Elastic

Rubber is the most common material used in making elastic bands, thanks to its durability and stretchability. The elastic band made of this material is strong, durable, and easy to sew. It is also an excellent option for swimwear as it can withstand harsh environments such as saltwater and chlorine, which are prone to damage the fabric. Additionally, rubber elastic does not easily fray or break, providing a long-lasting solution for swimwear. Rubber elastic bands are available in different widths, making it versatile when working with different types of swimwear.

However, rubber elastic can cause allergic reactions in some people, especially those with latex allergies. Additionally, it can be uncomfortable for some people when worn for extended periods. For these reasons, manufacturers are moving towards using alternative materials that provide the same ease of use and durability, such as spandex.

Braided Elastic

Braided elastic is another popular elastic material used in making swimwear. It is made from a combination of rubber and polyester or nylon, making it softer and easier to stretch than rubber elastic. The combination of materials also makes it more durable, resistant to wear and tear, and less likely to break. Braided elastic is perfect for children’s swimwear as it is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. It is also suitable for use in swimwear waistbands or trimming, where you would want a softer and non-slip material.

However, despite these advantages, braided elastic has its downsides. It may not be as durable as rubber and swimwear elastic, especially when exposed to water for long periods. Additionally, it may not offer sufficient support for high-impact activities, such as diving or jumping, as it tends to stretch out of shape when exposed to pressure.

Swimwear Elastic

As the name suggests, swimwear elastic is a type of elastic specifically designed for use in swimwear. It is made of hygienic materials, such as nylon or spandex, that can withstand exposure to water, heat, and chlorine without breaking down. Swimwear elastic is stretchy, adjustable, and ideally fits different body types, providing comfort and support even when engaging in high-impact activities. It is relatively lightweight and flexible, making it suitable for use in different types of swimwear, including bikinis, one-piece suits, and board shorts.

Swimwear elastic also provides a non-slip grip, preventing the swimwear from sliding, bunching or sagging. As such, it makes the swimwear comfortable to wear for extended periods. When properly installed, swimwear elastic is less tacky than other types of elastic, making it less likely to stick to other fabrics or surfaces.

The only downside of swimwear elastic is that it may wear out over time, especially when subjected to continuous exposure to harsh chemicals and elements. However, with proper care and handling, it can last for several years, providing a long-lasting solution for swimwear.


In summary, choosing the best elastic band for swimwear requires careful consideration of factors such as the type of swimwear, level of activity, and personal comfort. Rubber elastic is the most common option, thanks to its durability and stretchability. Braided elastic is more suitable for softer fabrics and less intensive activities. Swimwear elastic is highly recommended for swimwear as it is specifically designed for the harsh swimwear environment. It is stretchy, adjustable, and provides a non-slip grip, making it highly versatile and comfortable.

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