What is webbing and types of webbing

The webbing is made of a variety of yarns as a narrow webbing or tubular webbing. There are many kinds of webbing, such as jacquard webbing, printing webbing, elastic band etc., which are widely used in various industrial sectors such as clothing, shoe materials, medical, sport product, luggage, industry, agriculture, military demand, transportation and so on. So , how is the webbing classified? What are the classifications separately?

The following is an analysis by Amanda Textile Factory :

  1.  According to the material, it can be divided into nylon/tedolong/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/polyester/gold silver mettalic/spandex/shiny nylon /rayon. The difference between nylon and PP webbing is that the nylon webbing is more glossy and softer than the PP webbing, normally the price of nylon webbing is higher than a PP webbing.
  2. According to the weaving method, it can be divided into as plain, twill, satin and miscellaneous. Plain weave / small corrugated / twill / safety webbing / pit pattern / bead pattern / jacquard and other PP webbing such as 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the yarn; meantime, the thickness also determines its unit price and toughness .
  3.  According to the nature of use, it can be divided into clothing webbing, shoe webbing, luggage webbing, security webbing, other special webbing, etc.
  4.  According to the characteristics of the webbing itself (whether use a latex or spandex), it can be divided into two types: elastic webbing and rigid webbing (non-elastic webbing).
  5. According to the technical, it can be divided into two categories: woven webbing and knitted webbing.
    The webbing, especially for the weaving of jacquard webbing and jacquard elastic, it’s not only took a long time but also inefficiency while in production and threading, but, undoubtedly, they can be manufactured in a wide customized jacquard design.
    Currently, the shuttleless webbing is more common than the woven webbing in market.
  6.  According to the characteristics, it can be divided into jacquard elastic band / rope belt / knit band / jacquard band / herringbone band / luggage band / velvet belt / velvet belt / printing band/ fove over elastic ribbon.

You can choose a suitable webbing products according to your actual demand, and you can also keep continuous attention to Amanda Textile to provide more and more customized webbing.

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