Why jacquard elastic band deformed after washing and how Amanda textile improve ?

Jacquard elastic is more and more popular to using in life with its decorative, practical, environmental protection and other roles. Fashion is now a very prominent feature of clothing. And this fashionable expression, inseparable from the use of elastic jacquard.

However, many jacquard elastic band will be deformation after few times washing. So what are the factors that cause the deformation? Here are some factors that are analyzed by Amanda Textile Company:

First , the fabric material, if the material of the fabric does not match the material of the jacquard elastic band, the shrinkage rate will be different.

Second, the production process, if the jacquard elastic band use in the collar ring, sleeve ring and other parts of the curvature is relatively large, which will lead to shrinkage.

Therefore, we suggested that the shrinkage test can be carried out with professional tools to determine whether it will be caused by the above first factor. If so, try to avoid washing. You can also use the webbing to sewing with garments and testing to make sure that each process goes smoothly. If the water washing test finds deformation or wrinkles, it is necessary to immediately replace other types of webbing or materials to avoid the subsequent shrinkage of the above products and affect the sales of the products.

Jacquard webbing will inevitably issued some problems such as in the production process, resulting in unqualified product inspection, so how to find and adjust it ?

First, WAVE

The reasons for wave formation are:

  1. The steel buckle is not evenly threaded, and most of the two sides are worn, but the middle is worn too little.
  2. The steel buckle is worn too much and the weft is pulled too tight.
  3. The pan head pulls the yarn incorrectly, the two sides are pulled tightly, and the middle is pulled too loose.
  4. The yarn joining method is wrong, and the balance is not good.


  1. Use standard steel buckles and wear them in groups of 1 or 2.
  2. According to the width of the webbing, choose the steel buckle to wear.
  3. Change the middle and the two sides of the yarn pair to the same strip, or pull the middle looser.
  4. According to the weaving practice, it is necessary to pick up and press the pressure to average the number of bars.


If there is a bent band in production, it will inevitably affect the subsequent order production, increasing the difficulty of dyeing and finishing.

The reasons for forming a bend are:

  1. The steel buckle is not evenly worn;
  2. The warp yarn is unevenly elastic;
  3. The steel buckle is in the wrong position;
  4. The yarn joining method is not equal.


  1. Steel buckle wear must be in accordance with the formal method;
  2. The elastic warp is uneven. If the warp output of the pan head is different, it will affect the straightness of the fabric, generally with the loose side of the body.
  3. The person buckles the wrong way to form the curved belt, the steel buckle is generally the knitting distance, and there is a steel buckle empty distance.
  4. According to the needs of the webbing, it is often divided into layers, or points, left and right, generally have to be divided into upper and lower, if there are more than two practices or lines on a belt, they must be separated.


The width of the fabric such as jacquard webbing is standard with the customer’s requirements and is controlled within an allowable upper and lower deviations, but the width does not always appear during the weaving process. For example:

  1. The side of the chain or the side of the steel wire is misaligned. The function of the side of the steel wire is to balance the density of the fabric on both sides of the body during the weaving process, so that the machine shrinks uniformly and improves the bending phenomenon. If the steel wire wears me or One less space. The width change is more obvious;
  2. There are obstacles in the outlet. If the position of the line is wrong, if there is a problem in a certain position or a problem with the weft, it will cause obstacles in the weft yarn and affect the width.
  3. The thickness of the weft material is inconsistent. The rayon and cotton yarn are easy to pass. Thick or thin, directly affecting the width.

Amanda textile has its own strict production process and QC control. In the process of production, it can find problems and deal with problems in time. Therefore, our elastic band and webbing defect rate have been very low.

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