How to judge the quality of the webbing

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousand webbing on the market, include jacquard webbing, jacquard elastic band. Thus, how can we judge the quality of these ribbons?

We all knew there are a various kinds of weaving by textile yarn. The difference of webbing quality good or cheap is usually caused of raw materials and weaving technology .

A webbing looks low-grade must because of the surface of webbing “FUZZY” , that, it is naturally can’t use for clothing, for example those ribbons that used in home textiles.

Some sequins are lost it’s color while touched. It will damage the image of the brand if use such un-quality webbing. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the selection when purchasing.

Generally speaking, the first feeling of a dress made of a high quality webbing is that looks very upscale and touch comfortable, it’s different than other low end webbing.

We can judged a quality or bad webbing from bellow three dimensions like as the aspects of color difference, raw edge and jump stitch:

  1. Color difference test:
    This can be observed with the our naked eye. Look at its color, the texture of the tape with the needle edge, doesn’t messy , it should be a very pure color.
  2.  Raw edges:
    Usually the burrs of some yarns, this can also be observed with our naked eye, the two sides of the webbing and the seams can not have serious hair balls and wool.
  3.  Jumping needle: This can be observed by the naked eye, and the webbing cannot have a jump stitch.In addition, the quality of the webbing is definitely related to the specifications of the webbing. The standard specification is the best embodiment of the quality of the webbing.

Hope this can help people selected a quality webbing and elastic webbing.

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