Practical ! A small trick to teach you to save money for trouser waist no trace

How to do if the trousers waist become loose ?

Elastic band is also called rubber elastic and elastic belt. It can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories, especially suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, rhyme clothes, wedding dresses, T-Shirts, hats, brassieres, masks and other clothing products. Can also do tag line, daily necessities crafts jewelry, toy stationery can also be DIY manual line is very widely used.

People often meet this kind of situation in life. The elastic band of trousers is off-line, but there is no sewing machine available for a while. Would you like to know how to change the old elastic waistband and wear a new elastic belt ? Let’s analyze it with the following small knitting.

Let’s have a look!

The tool of replacement for elastic band:

New elastic bnad, scissors, safety pin, needle and thread.

Replacement method of elastic band:

1) Use scissors to cut a small hole in the waist of trousers.

2)  Pull the old elastic out of the small opening and cut it, and pull the old elastic out.

3)  Secure the leather band to the black card / pin.

4) Then send the pin and elastic belt to the pants, and turn around the pants.

5) Sew the head of the elastic belt tightly with white thread and needle.

6) Measure the right length, then cut off the extra elastic belt with scissors, remove the pin, and adjust the pants.

7) Finally, sew the small opening on the outer gray pants with a pair of white threads. After tightening the threads, it can hardly be seen that it is the changed appearance.

It has been changed, you can’t see the elastic band when you wear it as the waistband is elasticity and it’s warm in winter! After self-made transformation, it is completely new.


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