Why the shoelaces are always loosened?

The shoelaces are always spread out while people are during exercise. Even the shoelaces are tight. It’s not because people are not tied! The truth is here, let’s Jiangyin Amanda Textile Co., telling everyone why the shoelaces are always loosened?

why the shoelaces are always loosened

A video of running on a treadmill recorded by a high-speed camera from an US university researcher for his colleague to show that, when the lens is slowed down, it can be clearly seen that the dynamic foot and the swing of the shoelace are scattered, and, After installing the accelerometer, it will see the changes in the strength of the shoelace through the data. During the moving process, the impact force and acceleration of the shoelace are about 7G. Moreover the shoelace knot is loose when the foot is on the ground.

Further experiments show that it is not enough to make the shoelace knot loose only simply squat up and down the foot, as well as swinging back and forth. Only when two forces intertwined to make the shoelace knot loose. As the direction of the force changes to continue to pull the laces, this repeated impact eventually causes the lace knot to loosen.

In the future, research on loose laces involves mechanics, and researchers say they can combine the use of laces that do not loosen loosely during exercise. Now do you know why the laces are always loose ?

Please just keep tightened the laces before researcher did not developing a shoelace that won’t untie itself !


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