How to identify the polyester webbing and nylon webbing ?

Do you know how to identify a polyester webbing and nylon webbing?

Nylon webbing and polyester webbing have quite similar appearance but different characteristics it’s difficult to distinguish with eyes.

Then how to identify the difference between nylon webbing and polyester webbing? Let us –Jiangyin Amanda webbing tell you the method.

First, detach from several warp and weft yarns from nylon webbing and polyester webbing then mark for them. Then burn to each materials, watching the physical phenomena of nylon webbing and polyester webbing during they are burning, it will help us to determine the material of warp and weft yarns.

Second, be carefully investigate the flame, the melting condition, the smell they give off when burning and wrote them.

After burning to nylon webbing and polyester webbing, we got an report for them as bellow:

Polyester webbing: near flame, droplet and blister to continue burning, a little smoke, very weak sweet taste, hard, round, black or light brown.

Nylon webbing: melting and shrinking near flame, dripping and foaming, not direct continuous combustion, like celery taste hard, round, light, brown to gray, beaded.

Different materials of the webbing, the identification method is different, so we suggest that the best way is identify according to the actual situation .

           Polyester Webbing                                         Nylon Webbing

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