How to identify the quality of the webbing?

  • Pollution: Check if there is stain, plain, oil and other dirty on the webbing.
  • Chromatic aberration : To observe its color, grain rolls of the edge, no mixed and disorderly, that means it should be very pure color.
  • Burr: usually you can see the burr both on the edge and two side of webbing band, there is can’t be serious burrs and fluff .
  • Jump stitch: The webbing cannot have jump stitch watch through eyes.
  • The quality of the webbing is also related to the specification of the webbing, a standard specification must be the best embodiment of the quality of the ribbon.
  • Thickness measurement: with a vernier caliper accurate to 0.001, the tolerance must not exceed plus or minus 0.1mm.
  • Width detection: use caliper to measure the webbing with width of 1 inch and above, and the tolerance must not exceed plus or minus 0.25 mm; The belt width of 1 “and below 1” shall not exceed plus or minus 0.25mm in standard tolerance. Note: plain and herringbone tape must be of sufficient size, no more than 0.25 mm.

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