How to identification the nylon elastic band

Chinlon is called nylon too, chemical name polyamide fiber. It’s advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and aging resistance. It’s disadvantage is that the handle is hard.

Nylon is generally with good elasticity ! It’s dyeing temperature 100 degrees is ok ! Dyeing with neutral or acid dyes. It’s less resistant than polyester, but its strength and pilling resistance are better than polyester! After burning the nylon’s color of  smoke is white.


There are three simple ways to identify nylon and polyester elastic:

  1. Sensory differences

The more brighter for glossiness of the cloth and smoother of the handle is nylon ; the darker and rougher appearance of the cloth than nylon is polyester;

  1. Combustion

The simply method to identify difference between nylon and polyester is combustion! Polyester will emit a lot of black smoke after combustion, while nylon will emit white smoke. And, to check the the residue after combustion.The residue of the polyester will crumble in a pinch, and the residue of nylon will become plastic!

  1. To scrape with a fingernail

In addition, you can also shave with your nail. After nail scraping, have apparent mark is cestane, the mark is not apparent is nylon. However, this method is not as intuitive and easy to distinguish as the previous one.

  1. Nylon is twice as expensive as polyester.

It depend on the nylon thread feature, the nylon is more soft and stretching than polyester as well as friendly touch with skin. That’s why it’s more wide applied to woven elastic underwear waistband.

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